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2024 Pickleball Rules Changes

Each year, the USA Pickleball (USAPA) Rules Committee reviews suggested rule changes, and after a lengthy review process decides if a change makes it into the Official Pickleball Rulebook for the coming year. 

For 2024, there were 92 proposed rules changes and a total of 27 new rules for pickleball (note that most changes are minor updates to existing rules).

And sorry for those hoping for a change to pickleball's somewhat complicated scoring system - rally scoring isn't replacing side-out scoring just yet!

There are a few changes worth knowing, though, and in this 60 second guide to 2024 pickleball rules changes we highlight the 6 rules changes you need to know for rec. and tournament play in 2024!

New Pickleball Rules 2024

#1 - Correction of Server, Receiver, and Player Position Errors: Faults for these errors are eliminated, with referees ensuring correct positioning before scoring. Replays are possible if needed. (Rule 4.B.9)

#2 - Catch or Carry Ball on the Paddle: Catching or carrying the ball on the paddle is now a fault and no determination on whether it was intentional needs to be made. “Double hits” remain valid as long as the 2 hits occur in 1 continuous motion and the ball’s flight is not altered. (Rule 7.L)

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#3 - Paddle Specifications: Several rule changes address emerging technology,  limit spin-inducing features, and clarify the alterations players can make to their paddles. (Rule 2.E.2/2.E.5.a/2.E.5.c)

#4 - Draping Net Rule Change: Referees no longer decide if draped nets affect play. Any interaction between the ball and the draped or lower part of the net calls for a replay. (Rule 2.C.6/11.L.5.b)

#5 - Medical Time-Out Extension: Players can now use standard time-outs after a 15-minute medical break. (Rule 10.B.2.c) 

#6 - Replay for Cracked or Broken Balls: In tournament play, if the ball breaks and all agree it impacted the rally, a replay is allowed. (Rule 11.E)

Pickleball Rules Changes for 2024: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there pickleball rules changes every year?

Yes! Every year the USAPA reviews proposed rules changes from players and others in the pickleball community.

It is possible there will be a year where no changes are ratified by the USAPA Rules Committee, but for the most part there are rules changes every year (especially now that the sport is growing and evolving!).

Where can you find the official 2024 USA Pickleball Rulebook?

The entire pickleball rulebook, including the 2024 rules changes highlighted above, can be viewed here.

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