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So, how did this thing start?

Way way back in 2022 we found ourselves spending way, way too much time on a pickleball court. 

We also spent a lot of time talking about pickleball, pickleball strategy, and sharing tips to improve our game. 

Jokes, commitments, and promises followed, one thing led to another, and was born. Having spent careers in technology and software, and now playing pickleball on a regular basis, starting a blog and content site seemed like a natural thing to do. 

We're still figuring out where the site is going and what we want it to be, but we're loving spending even more time around the greatest paddle sport ever.

Have questions about pickle geeks or anything pickleball related? Reach out anytime to or via the contact form below, and we'll be psyched to connect! 

Thanks for visiting and keep grinding those dinks!

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