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UTPR Pickleball Rating

In our 60 second guide learn what a UTPR pickleball rating is, how to get yours, and how UTPR compares to DUPR.

What is a UTPR Pickleball Rating?

UTPR, or USA Pickleball Tournament Player Rating, is the United States Pickleball Association’s (USAPA) official player rating system. The UTPR rating system ranges from 1.0 for beginners to 5.5+ for professionals. Players have a 4 digit UTPR rating used for tournament seedings and a rounded 2 digit rating (e.g., 4.5) used to determine eligibility for tournament draws. Players receive separate ratings for doubles, singles, and mixed doubles.

How is a UTPR Pickleball Rating Calculated?

USAPA does not provide the exact algorithm used to calculate UTPR ratings. However, we do know that the following 3 factors are used:

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How to Get a UTPR Rating

To obtain a UTPR rating, you will need to:

  1. Go to the USA Pickleball site and click “Join” to sign-up for a USAPA membership (you’ll need one to enter any official USAPA tournaments)
  2. Enter and play in a USAPA-sanctioned tournament (these can be found on pickleballbrackets.com where many pickleball tournaments can be found).

Once the tournament is finished and your results are entered, you will be able to login to your USAPA account and see your UTPR pickleball rating.

Keep in mind that the more tournaments you play, the more accurate your UTPR rating will be!

FAQs: UTPR Pickleball Rating

How do you get a DUPR rating in pickleball?

DUPR, or Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating, is another popular rating system in pickleball. Similar to UTPR, you get a DUPR rating by participating in DUPR-recognized tournaments, leagues, and rec. play. 

To get a DUPR rating, first download their app or sign-up for an account at the DUPR website. You’ll then need results from tournaments, DUPR-sanctioned events, or rec play entered into your DUPR account. DUPR will establish a provisional rating after just a few games are entered, and over time with more results you’ll be given an official DUPR rating.

What is the difference between UTPR vs DUPR?

While both UTPR and DUPR aim to rate players based on skill levels, there are differences in their approach and accuracy. 

Like UTPR, DUPR calculates your rating based on your win/loss record and your opponents’ DUPR rating, but DUPR also includes the actual score of the games (so how much you win or lose by is factored in). DUPR also updates your rating within 1-2 weeks of results being entered, while UTPR updates on a monthly or quarterly basis. In our experience DUPR is superior for a number of reasons.

For a deeper dive into DUPR, UTPR, and their differences, check out “UTPR and DUPR Pickleball Ratings Explained” from our blog.

What are other options for getting my pickleball skill level?

In addition to UTPR and DUPR, there are other methods for understanding your skill level in pickleball. These range from self-assessment to having a pickleball professional rate your level.

For more on these options and an explanation of pickleball skills for players in the 2.0 to 6.0 range, see our post “Understanding Pickleball Skill Levels”.

Can I lookup other players' UTPR ratings?

Yes! UTPR ratings for other players can be viewed in the USA Pickleball member website. Simply login to your USAPA account and search for other players by name. You can do the same lookup in the DUPR app!
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