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Is Pickleball An Olympic Sport?

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.

The best thing about this sport is that anyone can learn it, and it can be played both indoors and outdoors on almost any hard, flat surface.

Currently, there are more than 4.8 million people in the US who play this sport. In addition, the US has more than 8,500 locations where you can play pickleball. 

However, pickleball is not as popular in other countries, so it's appeal to Olympic organizers has been lower than you might expect.

Is Pickleball an Olympic Sport?

Despite being so popular in the US, pickleball is still not an Olympic sport.

However, with the sport's growth and a push from leading organizations, there's a very good possibility that pickleball will an Olympic sport in the future.

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Why is Pickleball Not An Olympic Sport?

Pickleball is not an Olympic sport because it doesn’t meet the requirements of the IOC (International Olympic Committee). A sport must be recognized by the IOC to become an Olympic sport.

According to the International Olympic Committee, in order to be recognized a sport must be administered by a non-governmental and international organization that looks after at least 1 sport. Pickleball does not yet meet this standard.

Once the sport is recognized, it moves to the IF (International Sports Federation) status. Then the international and non-governmental body overseeing the sport must enforce the Olympic Movement Code

After that, the International Sports Federation will file a petition so that the sport can become recognized by the IOC.

It’s important to note that getting IOC recognition doesn’t necessarily mean that the sport will participate in the Olympics. For example, chess is recognized by the IOC, but it doesn’t compete at the Olympic games.

To be accepted as an Olympic game, the sport must be practiced by men in at least 75 countries located on at least 4 continents or by women from 40 different countries located on 3 continents. 

Pickleball doesn’t meet these criteria, so it’s not recognized by the IOC and can’t participate in the Olympic games yet.

Will Pickle Ever Be An Olympic Sport?

As discussed above, becoming a recognized IOC sport to participate in the Olympics isn’t easy. 

However, pickleball is becoming increasingly popular and spreading around the world. Currently, there are 63 different countries with pickleball governing bodies.

In addition, the International Federation of Pickleball, which is the international governing body of the sport, is taking steps to promote, develop, and popularize the sport all around the world. So, it’s safe to say that pickleball will become an Olympic sport sooner or later.

What Needs to Happen for Pickleball to Be An Olympic Sport

To become an Olympic sport, pickleball will need to meet the eligibility criteria of the International Olympic Committee. 

pickleball Olympic sport

There must be at least 75 countries on 4 different continents with male pickleball players or 40 countries on 3 continents with female pickleball players.

While pickleball is a fun sport and popular in the US, it hasn’t yet gained the popularity level needed for its rapid spread across the globe.

To help this sport become recognized by the IOC and participate in the Olympic games, the International Federation of Pickleball and USA Pickleball will need to take steps to grow pickleball in popularity.

These organizations will need to increase the appeal and value of the sport and make sure it reflects and retains the modern tradition of the Olympic games.

They’ll also need to host more tournaments and events and record and post more videos on social media so that the international audience can learn more about this sport.

When Will Pickleball Be An Olympic Sport?

Many people believe that pickleball will participate in the Olympic games of 2028, which will take place in Los Angeles, Calif. Although it’s possible, it doesn’t seem likely, when you look at the initiative taken by Adam Franklin.

Adam Franklin is one of the key players in the rise of this sport, and he’s also the president of Franklin Sports, which is a leading sporting goods brand in the US.

Under the vision of Adam Franklin, the company has signed a partnership agreement with USA pickleball, which is the sport’s governing body in the country. The goal of this partnership is to take the necessary initiatives for the growth of pickleball.

The agreement between the two organizations seeks to help pickleball participate as a demonstration sport in the 2028 Summer Olympic Games.

when will pickleball be an Olympic sport

Keep in mind that a demonstration sport is a sport that’s played only for promotional purposes. It means that the agreement between USA Pickleball governing body and Franklin Sports doesn’t seek to make pickleball a standard Olympic game by 2028.

So, it can appear in the 2028 Summer Olympics, but it’s unlikely that it’ll be a part of the standard medal competition. Only time will decide when pickleball will become an Olympic sport.

Summary: Pickleball in the Olympics

Currently, pickleball isn’t an Olympic sport, but it has the potential to become one. 

Not only is it growing in popularity in the United States, but it’s also spreading to many other parts of the world. There are currently 63 countries with governing bodies for this sport, but it’s increasing rapidly.

Along with the events and tournaments that the International Federation of Pickleball and USA Pickleball hosts, the partnership between USA Pickleball and Franklin Sports will also help the sport grow in popularity.

We might not be able to see pickleball as an Olympic sport in the 2028 Summer Olympics, but it’s possible that it may participate as a demonstration sport, which will be the first step towards becoming a standard Olympic sport for pickleball.

FAQs: Pickleball An Olympic Sport

Has Pickleball Ever Been an Olympic Sport/Was Pickleball in the Olympics?

No, pickleball has never been an Olympic sport, as it has never participated in the Olympic games. The eligibility criteria to become an Olympic sport is no easy feat, and pickleball is still making its way to get that status.

Is Pickleball the Fastest Growing Sport in America?

Yes, according to the USA Pickleball statistics, pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America for the second year in a row. Currently, there are more than 4.8 million pickleball players in the United States, and the sport has grown by 39.3 percent in the last 2 years.

Is Pickleball Popular in Other Countries?

Pickleball is becoming popular in many countries. According to recent statistics, there are 63 counties with governing bodies for pickleball. Some of the countries (other than the USA) where this sport is popular include Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France, Japan, and Turkey.

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