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How to Pack for a Pickleball Tournament

Looking for a comprehensive and free What to Pack for a Pickleball Tournament Checklist? 

Our pickleball tournament packing checklist pdf is based on feedback and lessons learned from hundreds of professional matches.

It’s also easy to print and has every item you’ll need to pack for your tournament day!

What to Pack for a Pickleball Tournament Pdf 

Here’s the link to download our free checklist template to help you pack for a pickleball tournament:

 What to Pack for a Pickleball Tournamnet pdf

For more on tournaments, check out our How to Play Pickleball Tournaments guide. It’s chock full of tips on finding/registering for tournaments and includes our 6 factors pros use for success in pickleball tournaments

FAQs: What to Pack for a Pickleball Tournament Checklist

What are good snacks for a pickleball tournament?

Opt for energy-boosting and easy-to-digest snacks like bananas, energy bars, nuts, and yogurt. 

Hydrating fruits like watermelon, blueberries and grapes are also great sources of electrolytes. 

These snacks will provide quick energy and essential nutrients, keeping you fueled and focused throughout the tournament.

What do you put in a pickleball bag?

In your pickleball bag, pack your paddles, extra balls, a water bottle, and a towel. Include sunscreen and personal items like extra clothing and a hat. 

And don’t forget snacks for energy, a phone charger, and cash or card for any needs that come up.

Remember you can’t usually take a bag on the court at a tournament, so you’ll want to leave your bag near your chair or somewhere else when you go on the court for a match.

What is the best breakfast for a pickleball tournament?

A balanced breakfast before a pickleball tournament should include complex carbs, lean protein, and healthy fats. 

Options like oatmeal with fruits and nuts, a whole-grain toast with avocado and eggs, or a smoothie with greens, berries, and protein powder are excellent choices to get your day headed in the right direction..

What should I do the night before a pickleball tournament?

The night before a pickleball tournament is all about preparation and relaxation:

  • Ensure all your gear is packed and ready. 
  • Know your warm-up plan (including location and partner!) for the next day
  • Hydrate well and eat a nutritious meal
  • Finally, relax and get a good night's sleep to be well-rested. Visualize a gold medal hanging around your neck the next day!

What should I pack for a pickleball tournament?

Pack essential equipment like paddles, balls, and court shoes. Wear comfortable clothing and bring extras for changing. Include health items like sunscreen, first aid kit, and hydration supplies like water and electrolyte drinks. Don't forget snacks, cash, ID, and personal hygiene products.

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