DUPR Pickleball Ratings

DUPR Pickleball Ratings

In our 60 second guide learn what a DUPR pickleball rating is, how to get yours, and how DUPR compares to UTPR!

What is a DUPR Rating in Pickleball?

DUPR, or Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating, is a leading rating system for pickleball players. The DUPR rating system ranges from 2.0 for beginners to 8.0 for professionals. DUPR ratings are 4 digits (e.g., 5.499) and are based on a player’s wins and losses, the rating of their opponents, and whether the game was rec. play or a tournament (tournament wins and losses are weighted more heavily). Players also receive separate ratings for doubles, singles, and mixed doubles.

How is a DUPR Pickleball Rating Calculated?

DUPR does not provide the exact algorithm used to calculate DUPR ratings, but notes that the following 4 factors are used:

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In addition, DUPR weighs recent matches more heavily than older matches, and the more matches you have the less your rating will fluctuate with each new match entered.

**Point differential was included in the DUPR rating until early 2023 when it was removed, and is being added back in 2024. Note that a close loss of 16-14 will hurt your rating less than a loss of 16-2.

How to Get a DUPR Rating

To get a DUPR rating, you'll need to:

  1. Go to the DUPR site (or download the mydupr app in your app store) and sign-up for a DUPR account.
  2. Play at least 5 rec games and enter them in your DUPR profile. Also try playing in DUPR  tournaments or DUPR league events.

DUPR will give you a provisional rating after a few games are entered, and once you have more results from rec and tournament play your DUPR rating will give a good indication of your skill level.

Keep in mind that the more games and tournaments you play, the more accurate your DUPR rating will be!

FAQs: DUPR Pickleball Rating

What is the difference between DUPR vs UTPR?

Both UTPR and DUPR rate players based on their skill level relative to other players, but there are differences in the 2 systems’ approaches. 

Like UTPR, DUPR calculates your rating based on your win/loss record and your opponents’ DUPR rating, but DUPR also includes the actual score of the games as a factor in ratings (so how much you win or lose by is factored in). 

DUPR also updates ratings more quickly, usually within 1-2 weeks of results being entered. UTPR updates on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

In our experience DUPR is a superior pickleball player rating system for a number of reasons that we lay out here.

Are there DUPR Pickleball rankings?

Yes - DUPR does post rankings for the Professional, Champions (50+ age) and Junior divisions. There are also several world pickleball ranking systems that rank the best players in the world.

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