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How to Find Pickleball Tournaments

Pickleball tournaments are popping up everywhere, and it's easy to find local or national tournaments for a wide range of ages and skill levels.

There are tricks and tips to finding tournaments quickly or locating tournaments for specific skill levels, so we've compiled the websites and groups you need to know to find the right fit for your next competitive outing.

How to Find Pickleball Tournaments

The largest source for finding pickleball tournaments is the website The site has many local, regional, and national tournaments listed, and you can search by date and region to find tournaments in your area. The 2 main pickleball pro tours (the APP and the PPA), which host pro events alongside amateur events, post all of their events on this site as well.

how to find a pickleball tournament, where to find a pickleball tournament

Note that is a paid site for marketing tournaments, so some tournaments will not be listed there.

There are still plenty of easy ways to find other pickleball tournaments. There are a number of groups that host pickleball tournaments, including:

Check these sites for other events and tournaments in your area!


How to Find Pickleball Tournaments Near Me

Some pickleball tournaments may not show up on the above websites, so to find local pickleball tournaments near you also try: 

  • Checking with local pickleball clubs and venues, which will host tournaments from time to time
  • Googling “pickleball tournaments” and your city, nearby cities, or state (e.g., pickleball tournaments Phoenix)
  • Checking local pickleball Facebook groups and other social media

FAQs: How to Find Pickleball Tournaments

Do You have More Info On Playing Tournaments?

Yes! We did a complete series on tournaments, including:

How Do You Get into a Pickleball Tournament?

Pickleball tournaments are usually easy to get into - simply find a tournament in your area and register on the tourney’s or club’s website. One important factor to keep in mind is that with pickleball’s popularity many tournaments sell-out shortly after registration opens. 

So if you want to play in a tournament, watch for the registration window and sign-up within the 1st 24 hours just to be safe.

What Do I Need to Enter a Pickleball Tournament?

You’ll also need a USAPA membership to register for many tournaments, so if that’s required it’s important to sign-up for the membership before trying to register for the tournament. Also, tournaments are organized by age, rating and type (e.g., singles, doubles, or mixed/co-ed doubles), so make sure you know your rating and sign-up for the right type of event!

How to Find a Beginner Pickleball Tournament?

To find beginner pickleball tournaments, look for tournaments that have a 2.5, Novice, or Beginner category. These tournaments can be found on or by google searching pickleball tournaments in your area.

Can Anyone Enter a Pickleball Tournament?

Yes - anyone can enter a pickleball tournament but it’s important to know that pro tournaments are now requiring a certain rating or having players play a qualifying draw before getting into the tournament. But for amateur tournaments for players rated 3.0 to 5.0, anyone can sign-up and play. 

Tournaments do sell-out so it’s important to register early and also know your rating so you can sign-up for the correct division.

How to Find Local Pickleball Tournaments?

The best place to find local pickleball tournaments is through local pickleball clubs and venues. Contact or check websites for local pickleball clubs as many regularly host league or tournament events. Even pickleball “bars”, which have restaurants and bars built around a few pickleball courts, will have tournaments from time to time.

How Long Do Pickleball Tournaments Last?

Most pickleball tournaments last several days but a specific division or draw (e.g., men’s 3.0) will be completed in 1 day. This is a nice feature because it reduces the amount of time players have to be onsite to complete their tournament.

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